Countdown to Cougar Con

cougarconCougars and the young cubs who love them have just a few days to get glammed up for the first ever National Single Cougars Convention this Friday.

Set at a hotel in Palo Alto, the coug-a-thon is a classy, coat and tie affair.  The shebang will kick-off with a keynote address by Kama Sutra specialist, author, and internet radio host Francesca Gentille and her partner, who is 14 years her younger.  Next comes the grand ''cougar ball,'' where I imagine mature, sexy ladies prowl around to find a young pup to make them purr (the hotel even has a special room rate for those who are ready to pounce).  The night ends with a pageant, where the high coug-ress will be crowned.  ''Miss Cougar America'' will be the guest of honor on an upcoming Cougar Cruise that sets sail in December. My guess is that shuffleboard won't be the only thing to-do on that loveboat!

I'm not sure what the cougar cut-off age is, but if I'm not paired up by Cougar Con 16-or-so I might be in.  This lady is all for older women feeling confident, being desirable, and getting sexy... but why is it that women who chase younger men are suddenly made out to have sharp claws and fangs? It's okay for a ''manther'' (translation: creepy old dude) to chase a young piece of meat, but there is a double standard for women who do the same.  Not cool, society.  Not cool.

Photo courtesy of Cougar Beauty Secrets

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