Cosmic Egg

While the band has been revamped, Wolfmother’s bluesy rock vibe returns in Cosmic Egg.

Four years after their
self-titled debut, Aussie retro rockers Wolfmother return, sans two original members, plus three new ones, and every bit as Zeppelin-esque stoner-rock as you’d expect. Lead guitarist/vocalist Andrew Stockdale—who undoubtedly puts the “fro” in frontman—carries the torch with Cosmic Egg, and his sleazy-sexy vocals and consummate shredding are in top form. Opener “California Queen” sets the stage, with metal-tinged guitar licks easing into a sludgy breakdown and back again—a formula used throughout the album, but if it ain’t broke, there’s no point in fixing it. With track titles like “New Moon Rising,” “In the Castle,” and “Phoenix,” the whole album sparkles with trippy imagery, giving a nod to eras past. “10,000 feet” is reminiscent of ’80s L.A. scuz à la Guns N’ Roses, and my personal fave, “White Feather,” is a slithering bluesy rocker (note the cowbell) featuring blissful, elastic vocals. So sit back, take a bong hit, and prepare for a trip that’s out of this world.

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