cos 'staches are great
I kind of have an obsession with moustaches. Be it fake felt moustaches, Eugene Hutz's 'stache or jus the word itself. But this awesome company called Fuzzy Ink has a website featuring a plethora of tee shirts all adorned with moustaches! While purusing the site of the many 'stache adorned shirts (I know! But try to contain your excitement) I stumbled upon this awesome little tee shirt called the "Sunstache Kid." Ah! So great. Fuzzy Ink says it's a " fun little design was the result of a recent collaboration with Craig "Wotto" Watkins." The shirt is limited edition and is priced at $15.95. I usually don't wear tee shirts but I found this one incredibly cute and adorable. But then again, I'm biased b/c of my love for the 'stache.  www.fuzzy-ink.com

Heartsies, intern caroline 

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