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So I'm a giant comic geek, but I despair over the lack of comics aimed at the ladies. There's plenty out there that I love, still, but it makes me happy to see that DC Comics has started an entire girl-centric line, Minx.

The newest Minx book is The New York Four, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, who teamed up before this on the superb Local, which is also amazing and girl-friendly. The New York Four is the story of four NYU students finding their way around the big city on their own, dealing with the usual things--boys, family drama, and their friendships with each other.

I adore Ryan Kelly's art, and Brian Wood has mastered the art of writing female characters. The Minx line has been a little uneven, but I think they're hitting their stride, finally, here, with a book aimed at teen girls that I didn't feel silly reading at age 28. Your local comic shop or bookshop should have it.

If you like this one, I also recommend The Plain Janes and Water Baby.

*Intern Sarah the comic geek.

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