Cleopatra's Coming at ya

So, now that the economy kinda blows and everyone in the art world is fumbling to hold on to whatever they had going before the crash, the discourse is starting to be shaped by the real independents.
One of the raddest galleries of this new set is Cleopatra's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Run by four sassy ladies who resemble a mix between an all girl folk/rock group and the cast from Designing Women, the gallery showcases amazingly talented artists and holds raucous events nearly every month.
Not only are they the ones in the know in the art world, they also have the smarts to back it up. The four ladies, Bridget Finn, Kate McNamara, Erin Somerville and Bridget Donahue hail from upstanding Chelsea gallery/Museum backgrounds. They have thoughtfully adapted their formal learnings and figured out how to operate differently in their own space.
Don't miss this coming Monday, Cleopatra's is having their holiday celebration 'Cleoptra Romanza On Ice' at Glasslands in Brooklyn. And don't miss some very special DJ's, including the mysterious Free Danger .


Next time you are hankering for a new perspective or want to see something different, stop by Cleopatra's on Meserole and Manhattan Avenue. Be sure to check their website for hours as they rotate with each of Cleopatra's projects, www.cleopatras.us. While you are at it, read up on these lovelies in Interview Magazine online.

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