Christina Hendricks: Role Model, The Revenge

(Or, alternatively, MY Personal (Brief) Ode to (and Mental Debate Over) Christina Hendricks)

Since my little ol’ post pertaining to Christina Hendricks seemed to cause a bit of a stir yesterday, I thought I’d share this newly posted BBC article with everyone. Many of the concerns that were voiced yesterday have also appeared in this article as well!

(Note: The following are my thoughts on bodies and such at this current moment in time. I have been known to contradict myself later when I change my mind based on the moment, but that’s another thing I think people generally just do. We change. A lot.)

When it comes to bodies, we are clearly all different. Some of us already have what we want and know it, some of us have to or feel the need to work harder to get the physical appearance we want, some of us are too lazy to do anything at all and like food entirely too much to even think about any sort of ridiculous diet or exercise or plastic surgery (ahem, ME!). I think as human beings we generally just tend to pick ourselves (and everyone else, I suppose) apart like rabid vultures. Sometimes this self-destruction or critique comes because of our own complexes, whether it’s imposed by society or maybe just because we want to be the best me that we can be.

That being said, Christina Hendricks is, in my opinion, a good role model specifically because for me, she seems a little less superhuman. She seems like she is more comfortable in her skin and bones and muscle tissue, etc. I think role model can definitely be a vague phrase, and so to apply it to anyone like a giant sticker with strong adhesive begs the question, what kind? I guess you have to get specific. A role model to who? You…? Why is she one of your role models?

Well, maybe I (or we all, as the general public) tend to think she’s comfortable with herself because Joan is. Joan clicks her ever-fashionable heels around the Sterling Cooper Draper Price office with such ease, such confidence, that you can hardly believe she’s real. And in fact, she’s not. She’s a character. Not to say Joan is a flat character, because that she certainly is not, but…you get what I’m saying. I could make this a mile-long post and we could debate the possibilities of how “human” written characters can possibly be, and how much of ourselves or our potential perceptions of ourselves we put into the characters we write, and essentially delve into my giant, nerdy, literary philosophe self…but thank Jesus I won’t.

I guess my point is just that perhaps we idealize Ms. Hendricks because we associate her with her character, ala Zach Braff and John Cusack. We want to be Ellen Page’s BFF because we think of her as Juno. We want to think of Paris Hilton as this bimbo, but from what I’ve heard, she’s actually pretty smart, and would have to be in order to have made herself into the successful business product that she essentially is. She found out what sold and she did it.

I remember an article featuring Christina Hendricks recently saying something about how she naturally of course has body issues and deals with them like everyone else. (Something along those lines, don’t quote me on it.) The lady’s probably just as insecure as the rest of us. Everyone. The one part she is certainly “lucky” about is that she can afford to buy clothes that fit her well. This is true; nothing is made to fit right, but maybe that’s also just because, again, we are all different.

I guess all I want to say is that, as much as I love Joan, I like to think that I can distinguish between the two. I am drawn to Christina Hendricks as a role model because she exudes confidence to me. She seems more real. Sure, she’s going to be put on a pedestal or just physically examined in general. The world does this…judges appearances…and it sucks. But we (yes, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “we”) do or have done it too, no matter what we try to say to defend ourselves. All I’m saying is that, Fairyland and magical thoughts you may think this to be, in true physical attraction, confidence ALWAYS trumps physicality, no matter what anyone tries to tell themselves. Hollywood tends to be filled with phonies. This lady just doesn’t seem to pull any punches. She looks like she knows what she wants and she just goes for it. Or maybe not. But isn’t that all part of the Hollywood Pretend Game? Speculations are indeed speculations.


…Or maybe I’m just biased toward gingers, “real” or not. Or maybe I just grew up loving Jessica Rabbit. Who knows.

 Tawk amongst yahselves.


PS. My fellow MadMennies (MadMennites?), rest assured, I love January Jones, Betty Draper, Elisabeth Moss, and Peggy Olson just as much, if not more. And I finally watched the premiere....Fiance…? What the eff?!


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