Christian Louboutin Designs $1,695 Geek Shoe

Hey, I get it. Gadgets are expensive. An iPad will cost quite a hefty chunk of your paycheck. A computer ain't cheap, nor are gaming consoles. But even as I reluctantly forked over the dollars and cents for my MacBook Pro, all the while considering whether or not the Genius Bar can be haggled with, I got it. It's a computer. Of course it's expensive. What I don't quite get? Christian Louboutin's new tech-themed "Lady Peep Geek" embroidered pumps, which retail at the super affordable price of $1,695.

The shoes, which are embroidered with a computer chip, aren't necessarily ugly, although I'm not really partial to heels (however, that's mostly because I'm more partial to falling down on the sidewalk, even when wearing flats). Still, there is something that irks me about paying almost $2,000 on a tech-related item that, you know can't actually do any tech-related things. Even if buying $2,000 shoes was a thing I could fiscally do right now (Spoiler Alert: It's not), I still don't think I'd buy these shoes. 

What do you guys think? Does a $2,000 shoe named "Lady Peep Geek" bother you as much as it does me? Or does this blend between high-tech and high-fashion make sense to you? 

Photo Via Neiman Marcus

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