Cho-Dependent Nominated for Grammy

Oh, Margaret Cho! The first time I ever saw a BUST magazine, my friend held up a copy with Cho on the cover and told me, “You would love this.” Since Margaret went to my high school (briefly, anyway), and grew up in my hometown of San Francisco, I kinda feel like I grew up with her. Her never-ending career remains impressive, especially considering she always does her own raunchy, unique, non-typical famous lady thing. And now she's just gotten her second Grammy nomination, for the 2010 musical comedy CD “Cho-Dependent.” Featuring such collaborations as Tegan and Sara, Brendan Benson, Fiona Apple, and more, Margaret actually sings on the album, and word is, she has quite a voice. Singer, dancer, actor, comedian: what can’t she do?



PHOTO COURTESY koreanbeacon.com

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