Check Out the First Look of Michelle Williams in "My Week With Marilyn

There have been a lot of Marilyn Monroe inspired movies and/or photo shoots over the years with many celebrities trying and failing (cough*Lindsay Lohan*cough) to capture the complexity of Monroe, the girl and the movie star, but I have high hopes for "My Week With Marilyn." The film revolves around Monroe's first trip to Europe and a short affair with a production assistant named Colin Clark, who later wrote about the affair in a tell-all book that the film is based on. I'm a big fan of Michelle Williams and I think she was an unexpectedly amazing choice for this role. Just like the affair, the film seems like a short glimpse into the star's life rather than a full-on biography. I like the idea of focusing on one part of her life rather than trying to fit everything into one film and I'm excited to see the idea of Marilyn Monroe, the caricature, become something more complex. 

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I think Williams does an amazing job of capturing the spirit of Monroe, even in photos. 

Here she is in this month's Vogue: 

With all this Marilyn talk, I thought I should also include a few of my favorite Marilyn Monroe pictures:

[The Frisky/Vogue.com]

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