Cheat Well, Eat Well


I'm pretty daring when it comes to food. Well, maybe not daring, but adventurous. Okay, maybe 'open-minded' is the term. I love trying new things, but, let's face it, I love it even more when I know a bit about what I'm biting into.

Luckily, the evil mad scientists over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have come to the aid of suspicious foodies--at least when they're dining South Indian. Introducing the PDF equivalent of a magic Indian decoder ring : the free (ding ding ding), printable cheat-sheet translates all of the main ingredients of South Indian cuisine into comfy, grocery store terms (ex: Dal, Channa, and Saag=Lentils, Chickpeas, and Spinach), and gives the gist of popular dishes. Plus, the card is designed to fold down into a convenient wallet-compatible size, so you can cheat with subtlety.

So far, the South Indian decoder is the first and only version of the cheat-sheet, but the website is eager to add to the menu. Read all about it (and download one for yourself!) here , and dine with confidence!

~Anna C

photo courtesy of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

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