Channing & Channing: Best Show Idea Ever or Best Show Idea Ever?

In the latest Twitter-sphere news, BUST’s Senior Editor Molly Simms tweeted yesterday, “I want a talk show called “Channing Vs. Channing,” in which Carol Channing & Channing Tatum discuss pop culture and current events.” Shortly after, fashion blogger @GrassettaGillie responded with this gem of a photo:

For those who are unfamiliar, Carol Channing is a long-time singer, actress, and comedian, best known for her roles on Broadway. And Channing Tatum is, of course, the wonderfully chiseled hunk of man we’ve all been recently drooling over in his latest flick, Magic Mike. There's no doubt that this dynamic duo would undoubtedly be the perfect balance of insight and hilarity, with a (generous) dash of eye candy. We think the people need Channing & Channing! But what do you think BUSTies—best show idea ever, or best show idea ever?

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