Change the World with Tie-Dye Cupcakes!


Wouldn’t you love to try and make a tie-dye cupcake? I know I would. Not only would it be delicious, but it could also help sponsor girls’ education in developing countries thanks to the amazing group She’s the First, a non-profit which inspires creative fundraisers to help girls graduate.

The the Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake Off, which the lovely ladies over at I Heart Daily tipped us off to, will go from November 1 - 8, with thousands baking and selling tie-dye cupcakes all over the country. It fundraises for girls’ education sponsorships in developing countries including India, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, and Nepal.  It’s amazing how widespread this project has become, but it’s even more amazing that it started as a small fundraiser by a college student, Lindsey Brown. Last year she made her first tie-dye cupcake, and proceeded to have a fundraising bake sale with her soccer team. They raised almost $1,000 and have continued to help support girls at a school in Nepal. 

You can help too! All you have to do is  sign up to be a part of the movement for girls’ educations, bake some cupcakes (tie-dye or otherwise), sell them, and send the money to She’s the First. You can also add your bake sale to She's the First's Google map, and have your state represented. 

And never fear, it’s really easy to make tie-dye cupcakes. Check out this helpful how-to video!

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Source: I Heart Daily, Tie-Dye Cupcakes Can Change the World

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