CFDA and Organic Avenue Partner Up, Ensure That Models Stay Hungry

Fashion elites clearly have a taste for the bizarre. Last week we showed you Vogue’s recent Hurricane Sandy disaster porn fashion shoot, and just yesterday the council of Fashion Designers of America upped the ridiculousness ante. In a statement for the "CFDA Health Initiative,” Diane von Furstenberg and her council cohorts outlined some New York City Fashion Week regulations, stressing that, “Health is Beauty.” Shocking absolutely no one, Diane von Furstenberg’s idea of health seems to be plying young models with rabbit food. The bulk of the health initiative outlines the CFDA’s new Fashion Week partnership with Organic Avenue, which will offer “nutritious and convenient” food to models for 50% off.

CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg

 And this is where it gets really silly. Organic Avenue is the self-described “leading provider of organic cold pressed juices, raw food cleansing programs…healthy lifestyle education and community events.” Presumably, this “lifestyle education” teaches women how to subsist on dandelion-kale salad, cholorophyll tonic, and the ominously named "super green mylk." While I understand the fashion industry’s desire to make life easier for models, who are often underpaid and overworked, something about this partnership doesn’t really add up. For me, budget friendly means sporting Salvation Army threads and eating off the dollar menu, not 50% off a 10-dollar protein smoothie that no one really wants to drink in the first place.

Organic Avenue juices in diverse shades of green

By choosing to work with Organic Avenue instead of one of the numerous NYC purveyors of actual human food, the CFDA is sending the message that overpriced juices are a necessary staple of a healthy diet. While this health initiative is clearly an attempt to challenge the widely held belief that the fashion industry pressures models to lose unhealthy amounts of weight, I don’t think that supplying models with cooling cucumber juices will help the fashion industry’s image, let alone sustain models for long enough to walk up and down a runway. By trying to keep their models healthy, the CFDA has betrayed how little they know (or care) about the actual health needs of the women they employ. 

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