Certified Humane Releases Cruelty-Free App

Average consumption of meat has nearly doubled in the past fifty years, and the U.S. is second only to Luxembourg for amount of meat consumed. With such a huge meat market, you would figure we would be more careful about quality control. Unfortunately, the industry is rife with abuses against farm animals, the environment, and our health. Pink slime, anyone? Thankfully, there is Certified Humane, a program started by Adele Douglass that certifies the humane treatment of farm animals without antibiotics or hormones.

The program ensures the full ethical treatment of animals from birth through slaughter, and it is the only certification program of its kind. Commonly, farm animals are pumped full of antibiotics to maintain “health” in cramped and horrifying conditions, but Certified Humane farms provide ample living and development space so that animals can have natural and stress-free lives. The program also reduces the amount of pollution pumped in to the environment, AND (as if we need more reason) it reduces the proliferation of drug-resistant bacteria. Win-win-win!

It gets better, because Certified Humane has released a free app for the iPhone and Android to tell you where and how you can find its humane products. Now that it’s even easier to eat cruelty-free, there’s no good reason to settle for meat of mysterious origins. You can find the app on the App Store or Google Play


Images from informedfarmers.com, petfinder.com, goodguide.com

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