Celebrating 161 Years since Seneca Falls

GQ-Paper-A.lg.gifThis week at BUST we're dishing out your weekend plans early and giving you time to party plan. Eons better than the Super Bowl, early bed time, or your usual Sunday night plans, next weekend is the anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention, known today as the first women's rights conference that laid the groundwork for women's right to vote.

So, women, this gives you a full six days to plan a date with the favorite women in your life and what a great excuse for a (probably) long overdue femme fest. Get cute party favors with BUST provided gift wrap, schedule a movie marathon featuring badass women (I recommend Funny Face, Erin Brockovitch, or Million Dollar Baby), or plan a dinner out with the girls, and remember to give three cheers to Lucretia Mott! ~Hannah

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