CAT BOUNCE: Your New Favorite Time-Waster

It’s been a rough week. You’re tired. You’re pretty sure that nothing could cheer you up but your nice, warm bed, but sleep is pretty far away. Fear not! BUST has found the cure to your end-of-week ennui.

Say hello to Cat Bounce, your new favorite time-waster. Cat Bounce fills your browser window with adorable kitties ready to jump around your page. Just click and drag a cat to make it bounce off the bottom of your page like they’re on an adorable kitty trampoline. Click  “make it rain” to get flooded with felines. You may not be able to hug every cat, but you can delight in their antics on your browser. Suddenly, you’ve got that kick in the butt to power through the rest of your workday. DO IT FOR THE KITTIES.

When I first saw this page, I asked myself the same question posed in the top left corner: “Wut the wut?” But Cat Bounce doesn’t need an explanation, it just needs more cats. And hey, 200,000+ Facebook likers can’t be wrong.  

Image via. laughingsquid.com

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