Can I Still Be A Feminist If I...?

You wouldn't normally think of Forbes.com as a destination for lady-centric political articles, but blogger Hannah Woit brings up some interesting issues in her recent column for the site. She writes about her mental battle with the concepts of traditionally "feminine" behaviors, and how she reconciles them with her feminist views. Woit asks herself,  “I enjoy making a sandwich for my boyfriend… Can I still be a feminist?” and muses, "I should wear high heels – they’ll make my legs look great with this skirt," before chastising herself, "High heels are a symbol of male domination!" I sometimes struggle with similar issues--how can I call myself a feminist when I’ll spend $100 on makeup in Sephora? Shouldn’t my natural beauty be good enough?

For ladies struggling with the same questions, Woit urges you to remember that "the [feminist] movement was (and is and always will be) about the individual choices that women make as to how to live their lives.” Do you feel pangs of confusion over whether or not it's anti-feminist to shave your pits or buy lingerie? Let us know in the comments, and check out Hannah Woit at Forbes.com for other girly insights.

Text Source: Forbes.com


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