Call of the Wild

"Yeah, it's objectifying and all, but you know, if I walked down the street and didn't have men looking me up and down and catcalling, I'd think, 'Boy I must really be getting old and dumpy'."

So says 31 year old (and dumpy?) Jessica, on CNN.com's story posted today about catcalling. 

But even though she's the only one quoted who seemed to enjoy that kind of crap, the headline on the CNN.com story teases, "Hey baby! That catcalling is hot...sometimes". The remainder of the aricle is devoted to women who have tried to point out what catcalling really is in Master's Thesis research, websites like Hollaback and films like War Zone.  Honest to blog -- is there really a debate about whether women like getting pssted and "smile baby"-ed at while we're going about our business? Why is this being presented as a debate? Are there still women out there who feel flattered by rude comments from strangers? Really??

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