Caitlin Doughty From "Ask A Mortician" Tells Morbid Kids, "It Gets Better


LA-based mortician Caitlin Doughty, best known for her quirky YouTube series, "Ask A Mortician," recently released a video telling morbid children, "It gets better."

For those not familiar with Doughty’s series "Ask A Mortician," get familiar. It’s awesome. Once a month Doughty answers fan’s questions about death and embalming with down-to-earth, matter-of-fact answers, and her own special brand of snarky humor and silly demonstrations.

This month’s video was a shout out to all her teenage fans who write her saying that their families, friends, and classmates don’t seem to get their interest in death, and tell them that it’s unhealthy. Her response was that she too was once a teenager interested in death, and while it freaked out her parents a bit, it ultimately led her to a successful and rewarding career. So keep on keeping on, morbid kids! Caitlin Doughty’s got your back. It gets better. To see more, check out Caitlin's YouTube Channel, Order of the Good Death, or watch the first episode of "Ask a Mortician" on BUST TV.

Photos via "Ask a Mortician"

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