Bye-Bye, West Coast Wendy
Closing Sale

So sad, but so true: presumably due to this circular hell of an economic crisis, Built by Wendy, longtime paragon of quirky/classic style, will close both its San Francisco and LA boutiques on December 28th. Which, of course, means wickedly discounted merch for you west coasties, but it's definitely a tears and clenched teeth sort of shopping experience.

Fortunately, it appears that BBW's east coast shops will remain unharmed, and the online store is still alive and kicking (and featuring some pretty wicked sales of its own). These closings are just another in a set of sacrifices being made all over the country by business owners like BBW's Wendy Mullin. Takes guts, you know, and I admire her for it.

Read a bit more about the closings in Racked --and if you're hanging out west, make sure to stop by the SF and LA stores to give them a proper BUSTy send-off.

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