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For all the movies I've seen, there's a shit ton that I haven't. When Debbie found out the other day that I've never watched All About Eve, she nearly excommunicated me from the office until I could say that I had. Well, since we're on deadline she let me stick around but it got us talking about what films belong in BUST's Movie Hall of Fame. We started a list:

All About Eve
Sweet Charity
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Grey Gardens
Mommie Dearest
Nine to Five
Working Girl
Thelma and Louise
Tank Girl
Muriel's Wedding

All featuring awesome women, feministy story lines, or having some significant relevance in the annals of girly culture. In the interest of self-edification, I've stocked my Netflix queue with the ones I haven't seen and as I watch them, I'll be posting about their awesomeness in case you haven't seen them either. Obviously, this list is JUST the beginning. What films do you think belong in the BUST Movie Hall of Fame??

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