BUST Mixes With a Reality TV Superstar


We here at BUST don’t have much interest in diet tips (unless you’re talking about ways to incorporate more tequila and/or marshmallows into our diets), but we are unabashed fans of reality TV. Project Runway, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Drag Race, and Hoarders are particular favorites, but we also have several die-hard Real Housewives of New Jersey fans in the house. Silly and tacky as the series may be, we can't get enough of those brash, flashy ladies. So when we were invited to see that show's Teresa Giudice do a book signing last month at the Mohegan Sun casino, you best believe our only question was, “When do we show up?”


We arrived at the casino on a sweltering July day, and stepping inside was—as with all casinos—like entering another dimension. The environment was as tidy and frosty-cold as a grocery-store meat area, and the building was packed with all the stores you know and love (or loathe) from your local mall. The Mohegan Sun has a glamorous look that can only be described as “A Native American Community Moves to Mars”; there were futuristic Navajo-esque patterns everywhere, and animatronic wolves baying at us from on top of slot machines. We’re not huge fans of gambling, but we are fans of semi-lawless adult playgrounds, especially when they allow you to do things like drink a vodka tonic inside a Yankee Candle Store. Thus, we embraced this casino world like it was a dear, dear friend.


Giudice was repping her new book Fabulicious: Fast and Fit, a collection of healthy recipes, and she was decked out in false eyelashes that looked like massive, extremely heavy butterfly wings. She signed copies of the book for fans, then headed to a nearby casino bar where she shimmied with a friend to remixes of top 40 hits, while tourists gawked and tried to pretend they weren’t photographing her with their iPhones. She was flanked by an array of beefy, stern-faced bodyguards charged with making sure nobody pestered The Giudice. In NYC, it reached 99 degrees that day, and our friends were holed up inside their apartments hiding from the weather. We were bopping our heads to a Latin-dance version of “Call Me Maybe” inside a hermetically sealed world with one of the Real Housewives. And we loved every minute of it.

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