BUST Exclusive: JD Samson + MEN Release New EP 'Next'

We at BUST are big fans of JD Samson (of Le Tigre fame)—and we're so stoked to know that JD likes us back! You may remember JD’s tour blog for BUST when the band formerly known as MEN hit the road with CSS a few months ago; now the highly danceable band/performance art collective are going by the name JD Samson + MEN, self-releasing a new EP (called Next) on their own label (MEN Make Music) today, and letting BUST be the first to share a track off Next.

Next is the first of four EPs that JD Samson + Men have slated to release this year under their independent label.  The next EP, All The Way Thru, will drop in spring (JD Samson + Men: a band for all seasons!) and was produced by Alex Suarez from Cobra Starship. Each album will be a collaborative effort between JD and contributing writers, musicians, and producers, emphasizing that JD Samson + MEN is truly a musical collective. And if the personal is political, Next is what happens when the personal and political go out dancing— these three synth-pop-flavored pearls of wisdom prove that booty-shaking and introspection aren’t mutually exclusive. Title track "Next," for example, touches on issues that JD has written about before, but with succinct lyrics and a groovy electronic beat. Listen to “Next” here (download available for one week only!):

  JD Samson + MEN - Next by menmakemusic

JD Samson + MEN on Soundcloud

Download Next on Amazon and iTunes.

Catch JD Samson + Men on tour now:

2/23 – Auckland, NZ @ 4:20

2/24 – Brisbane, AU @ POWERHOUSE World Theatre Festival

2/25 – Perth, AU @ Perth Arts Festival Festival Gardens

2/29 – Hobart, AU @ Brisbane Hotel

3/1 – Melbourne, AU @ Phoenix Public House

3/2 – Sydney, AU @ Red Rattler

3/3 – Sydney, AU @ MardiGrasLand Part 2012

3/4 – Adelaide, AU @ Adelaide Festival

3/7 – Singapore @ Avalon

3/8 – Hong Kong @ Grappas Cellra

3/9 – Shanghai, China @ LIVE

3/10 – Beijing, China @ Yu Gong Yi Shan

3/11 – Hanoi, Vietnam @ Hanoi Rock City

3/27 – New York, NY @ Dropout @ WIP (34 Vandum St)**

4/27 – Boulder, CO @ Communikey Festival

5/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex

5/11 – San Francisco, CA @ The Rickshaw Stop

5/12 – San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink

5/17 – Honolulu, HI @ Next Door (Acoustic Appearance)

5/18 – Honolulu, HI @ Soho




JD Samson + MEN on Twitter

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