BUST-A-Move -- It's National Dance Day!

Tomorrow is National Dance Day and I don't know about you, but that stresses me out a little.  I have watched Ciara's "Ride" video more than a few times with envy, but so far have had extremely little success in dancing like her.  

Enter maybe the greatest thing ever: learnclubdance.com.  On the day the Girls Night Out club dance tutorial DVD arrived, three interns and I sat anxiously around the computer hoping that our inept dancing skills could somehow be cured.  Lo and behold, Nicole, Dana, and Erynn were there to gently guide us through the world of club dance moves.  Starting with an easy sway, we worked our way to more difficult techniques such as "grinding". We definitely broke a sweat and not just because of the nearly 90 degree day.  The people at learnclubdance.com tell us that dancing to just three songs can burn nearly 100 calories.

In honor of National Dance Day, the company is streaming all their DVDs online for free! So now, you can learn how to dance without dropping a dime. So go to learnclubdance.com now and you can shake it like a saltshaker all weekend long!

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