Burt and Dolly Portrait Tees, from Curator

I know how it is--every year, December flies by, and the calendar creeps closer and closer to Dec. 25th. Your palms sweat, and you get nauseated with anxiety, wondering “WHAT am I going to get for Molly for Christmas”? Don’t freak, because I’m here to help. This year, instead of the pony you would normally buy me, please head directly to the Curator website, and purchase these Burt and Dolly portrait t-shirts.

The toughest part of owning both these boss t-shirts will be deciding which to wear on a given day. Do I feel smooth, flirty and mustachioed, like Burt? Do I feel sassy, hillbilly-ish, and downright chesty, like Dolly? I’m willing to tackle these questions in 2012, so thanks in advance for your generous gift. I promise to act surprised.


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