Brooklyn Indie Market

Berit New York.JPGAre you ready to get your Amelia Earhart on? Put away those Ray Ban aviators and get some authentic aviator goggles? Then, lace up your Victorian boots. Time to trim beards or take on corsets.

This Saturday, October 24th, Brooklyn Indie Market presents Steampunk II .

For one day, Carroll Gardens won't belong to Moms with strollers. The only handlebars will be carefully groomed mustaches. From 11-7 PM, the neighborhood will be a playground of combat boots, top hats, hoop skirts, weathered vests, military hats, stop watches and more. Don't miss the Steampunk fashion show at 4 PM.

At the Way Station after party, G.D. Falksen will judge a fashion contest alongside Psyche Corporation, who will perform punk cabaret. Also, Karen Leblanc will weave a psychedelic tapestry on the accordion and play the saw.



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