Bridesmaids" Melissa McCarthy To Design Plus-Size Clothing Line

Frustrated at the lack of fashionable options for plus-size ladies, everyones favorite bridesmaid and one of the funniest SNL  hosts in a long time (am I right?!), Melissa McCarthy, has decided to take matters into her own hands. “Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible," she said. "It’s either for like a 98-year-old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle." After searching near and far for the perfect 2011 Emmy Awards dress and coming up empty handed, she decided to create her own with couture dressmaker Daniella Pearl, which is the dark purple number you see before you. This was just the start to an entire plus-sized clothing line now in the works. 

It seems like this lack of curvy clothing choices is a problem I've heard before. From Gabrielle Sidibe to Christina Hendricks, curvy ladies of all sizes are going to awards shows with very few options. It definitely seems like a Hollywood niche that needs to be filled so I'm excited to see what she comes up with!

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