Book Review: This Halloween, Just Say "Boo


I hesitate to say “these are not your grandma’s quilts” about the brilliant work of quiltmaker Boo Davis, but truly, the projects in Dare to be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts (Crown Publishing) are truly not your grandma’s quilts. Unless your grandma made quilts that featured skulls, alarm clocks, robots, or cityscapes. Davis’ quilts are all based on sewing regular old rectangles of fabric together (no complex rotary cutting here) and piecing them together on a sewing machine, resulting in images that are pure, pixelated perfection. It’s a brilliant mashup of old-timey crafts with modern-day irony. Love it.


For more of Davis' quilts, visit her site, Quiltsryche , and for more about her new book, check out the promotional video below.


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