Book Review: Handmade to Sell


If you’re a crafter who’s dreaming of quitting your day job, this book will provide you with the necessary know-how. Hello Craft is a non-profit trade association dedicated to crafters and the handmade movement, and their insider knowledge of the industry makes them a natural (and adorable) guide to its nuances. Handmade to Sell walks you through the ins and outs of business -launching, covering topics such as registering with the federal government, finding pro bono legal help, properly paying taxes, filing trademarks, getting health insurance, contracting or hiring employees, and more. The book also addresses unique topics specific to crafters, from utilizing online shops (i.e. Etsy) to decorating your booth at craft fairs. An independent section for illustrators and artists is also included, complete with need-to-know information on licensing.

One topic that isn’t really addressed is business-loan options—good old fashioned budgeting and saving is probably a safer approach for a start-up crafts company—but otherwise, much of the information contained would be useful for anyone looking to start a small business, crafty or not. Whimsical drawings of hedgehogs, foxes, and bears are scattered throughout the book, as well as quotes and interviews with successful craft entrepreneurs who provide advice and inspiration. Whatever you’re looking to sell, this friendly resource will help you get started.

($13.98 at barnesandnoble.com)

By Antonia Blair

This review appears in the Aug/Sept 2012 issue of BUST Magazine with cover girl Tavi GevinsonSubscribe now.



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