Bon Appetit!


Seen Julie and Julia ? BUST has! And it's just as adorable as promised: a perfect choice for your next dinner and a movie (emphasis on dinner--don't watch it on an empty stomach).

Plus, I know it's been said, and it will be said again, but Meryl Streep is incredible. No disrespect to Amy Adams (who plays Julia's modern-day protege, Julie), but I could've watched Meryl Streep's Julia Child do nothing but sit in a chair for 2 hours and been perfectly entertained. The woman is Julia Child, in the most celebratory, charming, precocious way imaginable, from the tips of her toes to the top of her bobbing, auburn curls.

So see it for the food, see it for the darling storyline, but, seriously, see it for Meryl. Then come immediately home and cook a big French meal (or a sandwich or something; I'm serious, this movie is mouthwatering . . .).

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~Anna C

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