Blunt and funny...if not a little disturbing

Wine and Whimsy t-shirtZazzle , an online-custom t-shirt shop based in the United Kingdom, has a client starting a new trend in breast cancer awareness: t-shirts for babies and young girls that say: 'Find a cure before I grow boobs'.  I was taken aback when i first saw this, and after a few gasps I started to giggle.

These t-shirts come from the Zazzle shop called Wine and Whimsy , and their shirts are not just for babies and little girls.  There are also shirts that say 'Cancer: you picked the wrong chick'  and various famous mom-isms like 'You'll thank me when you're older.'  This led me to seek out more cancer-themed shirts and my favorite was from Kim Cecil that says across that chest: 'Yes, they're fake, my real ones tried to kill me'.

These shirts are definitely a way to bring awareness about breast cancer but at the same time who wants their toddler wearing a shirt about her own boobs?  Then all sorts of questions came into my head: How long do researchers have before an 8 month old little girl has boobs?  Is this really an appropriate thing for me to be thinking about?   What do our readers think? -dahlia

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