Bloody Head Fairy



Does anyone remember the Bloody Head Fairy from Ren and Stimpy? (god I loved that show). Anyway, I was reminded of my favorite aka for having ones period, as yesterday I braved one of those period cup holder things for the first (and last) time. The nice folks at Instead sent us a box of these disposable diaphragm looking contraptions, so I tried it and it defintiely did not work for me. There was leakage, and when I pulled it out, basically, a blood bath ensued. I thought you're supposed to rinse it and stick it back up there, but I guess its meant to be thrown away... really, this is not something that is so easy to do. i practially needed to take a shower after this!! Sorry to say, I gotta stick with the 'pons. However, these Instead soft cups do have a money back guarantee, and I do know girls that like them, so maybe you'll have better luck than I did. Maybe you can't teach and old vadge new tricks.

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