Blood From a Stone

Hanne Hukkelberg mixes traditional melodies and influences with found sounds for her melancholy release Blood From a Stone.

Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg partly credits the sound of her third album, Blood From a Stone, to her personal collection of ’80s indie-rock albums, citing Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, the Pixies, and PJ Harvey as influences in this percussion-heavy foray. The unusual sounds on Blood come from a train door, handclaps, oven- and freezer-produced percussion, and even bicycle spokes, all mixed with traditional instruments. Hukkelberg’s voice seductively coos, intensifying as the music builds in “Salt of the Earth.” “Bandy Riddles” is catchy and slightly folksy, and in contrast, “No One But Yourself” sounds much more brooding and bothered. She closes with “Bygd Til By,” and over soothingly slow, melodic strums, sings in Norwegian, adding a personal touch to this gem of an album.

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