Blog of the Week: Self Constructed Freak

Blogger, Marlena, 17, is among the the fabulous teenage bloggers popping up over the past few years. With a shout out from the most well known of the bunch, Tavi of Style Rookie, Marlena's blog, Self Constructed Freak has been growing in popularity. Some of Tavi's recent posts actually seem to be taking some fashion cues from Self Constructed Freak. Marlena's mix of 80's punk and gothic, twee infusions makes her one of the most interesting bloggers out there. Maybe it's the fearlessness of teenage style or the creativity that thrifting brings, but I'd take these awesome ensembles over high fashion editorials any day. While this blog is full of awesome inspiration pics from Japanese street style to videos of bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, my favorite part is probably her makeup. It's quite impressive (and not just for her age). Gotta love a gal unafraid to experiment with color!

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