'Blind Gender' Stop-and-Frisk and the NYPD

Apparently the NYPD have been all sorts of busy lately. Pals over at SUPERCHIEF have posted a video of a teenager being assaulted by an officer on a train platform after he allegedly evaded fare. In the video, the victim is being body slammed and pushed up against a wall by a cop taking his job a little too seriously. 

In addition, The New York Times have posted a piece exposing tactics regarding search policies that pay no attention to gender. The police department claims that when an officer’s safety is involved, they are trained to pay no attention to the gender of the person they are frisking. Male officers are permitted to frisk a women if they think she is armed with a dangerous weapon. With statistics that prove these searches are coming up empty handed, it is not surprising that the NYPD might just need to readjust their “blind gender” policies again. 

According to the article from the Times, many women who have experienced these stop-and-frisk encounters have felt sexually intimated and humiliated. Police even go so far as to search purses in the middle of the street, pulling out items and questioning the person being searched. The first-hand accounts in the article are insanely uncomfortable, as police are trained to pat down the “waistband, armpit, collar and groin areas.” One woman questioned why this happened to her and claimed that it “made her feel powerless.” 

That sounds a lot like assault to me. Making someone feel powerless, disregarding the fact that they may be uncomfortable because you have power over them (not to mention a gun),  just because-- as the department admits--it’s inconvenient to call for female back up. This is abusing the position you have been put in. NYPD you should be ashamed, yet again.

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