Black & Grey

At over one thousand pages and weighing more than twenty pounds, co-authors Marisa Kakoulas and Edgar Hoill have created the gigantic three-volume Black & Grey Tattoo.  After a year of researching different tattoo artists and attending international conventions, this collection explores the different origins and genres of black and grey tattooing. From the traditional black and grey style, considered to be Los Angeles based, which is mostly tattoos of Christian imagery to the dark/horror subgenre of demons and zombie images to the more photorealistic tattoos of portraits, scenery, and fantasy, Black & Grey Tattoo is overloaded with insane tattoos.


Kakoulas and Hoill’s goal was to create the presentation of tattoos as a very fine art. Since there isn’t exactly a fine line between the separate genres of black and grey tattoos, the fluidity of each artist’s technique and individual interpretation is shown through the pages of the collection. Although these coffee table books are sold separately, the entire collection may be a must-have for both the inked and the inkers.

Images from: http://www.coolhunting.com/culture/black-grey-tatt.php

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