Black Girls Rock-ing on BET

Betty Davis rocks outBlack women have long been part of rock music’s cultural landscape, from Lauryn Hill to Betty Davis to Tina Turner to Missy Elliot. But mention people who rock, and black girls will rarely show up at the top of a list most likely populated by aging white dudes with expensive guitars. Black Girls Rock Inc., a New York based non-profit whose mission it is to empower young women of color through mentorship, arts education, cultural exploration and public service will air a special this Sunday celebrating the history and accomplishments of those who rock now and have rocked before us. Besides promoting the arts, BGR aims to encourage dialogue and analysis of the all-too-familiar ways women of color are portrayed in the media. Here's to dispelling ideas that Mick Jagger singing "Brown Sugar" and that girl in the booty shorts dancing in that Lil' Wayne video represent the past and future of black girls in music! BGR! airs Sunday, November 7th at 8/7c on BET. BETTY DAVIS PHOTO COURTESY OF fromthebooksofexlibris.wordpress.com.

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