Björk Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Teach More Kids About Science and Music

Björk has taken to Kickstarter in an effort to give more kids access to her award-winning suite of musicology apps. The Biophilia apps were originally developed as part of her multimedia album of the same name. Named one of 2011’s Best Apps by Apple, the Biophilia programs offer instruction in science and music, and have already been used by children around the world. 

Kids at a Biophilia workshop in Oslo

According to the artist, there is a great deal of interest in the apps from low-income school districts and households. This Kickstarter campaign seeks to bring the Biophilia apps to schools with older operating systems, so that all students can reap the benefits of the program. Because the Biophilia educational project is non-profit and volunteer, those in charge are crowdfunding this next stage of its development. 

Backers of the campaign will receive thank you gifts like copies of the app itself, merchandise, and even live shows around the world. Björk is well known for her treatment of music as science and vice versa—she recently used a Tesla coil as an instrument in one of her concerts. Support her educational initiative by donating or checking out the app itself. Here's a video preview of the full Biophilia suite:


Photos via Biophiliaeducational.org 

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