Bill Haverchuck, my friends, is HOT.

Ok, a couple of things..

1. I recenty saw "Knocked Up" and a) absolutely fell in love with Seth Rogen and b) was totally inspired, by the completely adorable cast, to watch the entire season of "Freaks and Geeks" in which almost all of them also starred, on DVD for the first time evs. (How the hell did I NOT watch it when it originally aired on Fox in 1999 you ask? I am honestly just as shocked as you.) Paul Feig's original act of brilliancy had me at hello err.."Oh! Hi Cindy!" I spent the greater part of last week melting away as Lindsay, Sam, Daniel, Neal, Nick, and Ken wrapped me tightly around their little fingers. But let's just pause and talk about Bill. I got ALOT of love in my heart to give, but Bill takes the cake for character I would most want to spend 7 minutes in heaven with. Fuck Vicky. Bill is mine. I couldn't get enough of his dorky antics.

2. On that note...he got effin' hot. Check it kids:

Wowwy--wow wow.

3. Do yourselves all a favor and go to Barnes & Noble right now, buy the series on DVD, and since our friends at BN are running a buy one/get one sale on DVD's right now, pick up "40 year old virgin" for more Seth Rogen (and Paul Rudd--hubba hubba) goodness or better yet, pick up "Undeclared," yet another Paul Feig series in which many of my F & G faves appear. It's next on my list to watch, and I'm certain it won't disappoint.

4. Be on the look out for "Super Bad" which drops in theaters in August. Seth Rogen wrote, produced, and acts on this one and Jonah Hill from "Knocked Up" stars with, you guessed it, the delicious presence of Martin Starr (Bill) as Dude #5. Hooray!

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