Bigger Parking Spaces for the Fairer Sex

I'm a bad driver.  I speed.  I take turns too fast.  I tailgate the hell out of that idiot with the "No Fat Chicks" sticker on his bumper.  And yes, the dance party to Lady GaGa IS more important to me than putting on my blinker.  I have no problem admitting these are bad driving behaviors. However, while general aggressiveness and an unabashed love for pop techno may be contributing factors to this problem- the fact that I have a vag is not.  

China disagrees.  According to a recent article on BBC News a newly built women-only car park in Shijiazhuang city has parking spaces about three feet larger than normal ones and they've painted the whole thing pink and light purple to appeal to a "woman's strong sense of color and different sense of distance."  The idea of the female friendly parking lot originated with owners of a new shopping center hoping to entice women to the mall.  

I mean, granted they do have some fancy security systems and extra lighting for women's safety and they are trying to cater to women's needs- measures which a lot of women will appreciate.   However, it still sucks that in order to ensure women's safely we have to siphon them away from society into a parking lot that looks like some kid barfed cotton candy all over it.  And then they assume women can't even drive their own lady car into an oversized parking space and have to have an attendant  guide them into the spot (not even kidding).  

So ladies, drive safely.  

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