Will Oldham has crafted Bonnie into a country-music cult legend.

I See a Darkness, Will Oldham’s first record under the moniker Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, was a sort of punk/rock/country mash-up with overwrought lyrics and brooding country instrumentals. Since then, Oldham has crafted Bonnie into a country-music cult legend. His latest, Beware, is his most mellow and heartwarming release yet—though the music is more robust, the lyrics are quite tame. 'You Don’t Love Me' floats in an expected drunken irreverence but remains sunny-sweet, while 'I Won’t Ask Again' has a standard slow-dance-in-cowboy-boots feel, requisite of any country star’s repertoire. The same can be said for the sullen, honky-tonk 'I Don’t Belong to Anyone,' which explores growing old alone, with a tinge of regret. With so much in his catalog, it’s impressive that Oldham can still craft new sounds, even if they are on the quieter side.

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