Best Pageant Ever!


If I had a living grandmother, I would totally want her to enter the eighth annual "Your Highness Grandmother" Pageant taking place in Brooklyn on November 15th. For this year's pageant, talents range from the typical singing and dancing to performing yoga techniques and playing the accordion. If the thought of grandmother's showcasing their talents doesn't lure you in, the ladies will also be going back in time and will model their most interesting outfits from years past.

Because there are two age divisions for this pageant (up to age 69 and then 70 and up), two lovely ladies will be crowned "Your Highness Grandmother 2009" that evening. If you're anything like me, you'll also want to attend to see the panel of grandfathers that will be judging the event. Everything about this pageant sounds so incredibly adorable that I wish this kind of thing spreads like wildfire!

If you're interested, the event is being hosted at National Nightclub at 273 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn and starts at 1 p.m. 

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

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