Best Cookie Delivery Idea Ever

Clever ladies Clem, Kathleen and Eve offer cookies and other baked goods (according to their twitter, today they're making cinnamon buns) out of their second story San Francisco apartment by dangling a string out their window with a bag attached to it reading "1$ for a fresh baked cookie (pull the string if you wish to partake). 

Their company is called Fat Cookies (yes!) and it is really one of the best ideas I've heard all year. People need cookies, and we don't always have time to duck in to stores to get them. As other bloggers have pointed out, the string-bag-window system is a time honored tradition of people who deal in things like cocaine. Exactly! Fiending sugarjunkies need their fixes, too. 

If you live in San Francisco, you can get your cookie deeds done on Delores Park. Check Fat Cookies twitter to see when they open and what they're cooking up today.

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