Best Coast and Drew Barrymore Team Up For Star-Studded 'Our Deal' Video

Drew Barrymore in the director's chair, Maeby Fünke as a gang member, and an epic romance between young, troubled lovers. By way of movie magic, all of this was made a reality in Best Coast's new music video for their hit song, "Our Deal." Though just four minutes long, the ultra-mini film is packed with action, tears, forbidden love, and hair worth pushing your lover off a building for.

The video keeps the romantic, dreamy tones of Best Coast's song, but borrows heavily from the fight scenes and attitudes of West Side Story and the Outsiders. The sparkling, young cast is lead by Chloë Moretz (Kickass) and Tyler Posey (MTV's Teen Wolf), and supported by Alia Shawkat (Maeby Fünke of Arrested Development), Donald Glover (Community), and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly). 

For behind-the-scenes info from Drew Barrymore and Bethany Cosentino, check out this video where they chat about the making of "Our Deal."

And now, I present to you, "Our Deal". Grab a tissue or two - this heartbreaking tale might moisten your eyes. (Or, depending on who you are, it might make you shed a tear from rolling your eyes too hard.) What do you think?

EDIT: The video is no longer available on YouTube, but you can still watch it on MTV.com

And for you Cults-loving ladies, here's another MTV Supervideo for "Go Outside", directed by Patrick Hoelck and starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

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