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The Sundance Channel brings you 3 screenings of the film Guest of Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman

Paul H-O is just a regular ol' Joe who crashes art gallery openings, video camera in hand, and entertains artists with witty assessments of their work, thus gaining quite a fan following in the New York art scene in the 1990's. One of the ladies he won over was the internationally acknowledged, press-shy Cindy Sherman. Sherman was regarded as one of the world's most significant and talented visual artists, famed for her chameleon-like self-portraits deconstructing women's images in pop culture and art. Miss Sherman invites Paul into her world for exclusive interviews and videotaped encounters. He gains an unprecedented insight into her artistic process and a romantic relationship quickly follows suit.

The twosome lived together for five years before Paul's anxiety about his own personality becomes too much to bare as he finds himself subsumed by his 'plus one' identity thanks to his role as Cindy's guest at star-studded openings and dinners she is so accustomed to attending. Filmed over 15 years, interviews include some of the most highly recognized names in the art and entertainment realm, including but not limited to Danny DeVito, Molly Ringwald, John Waters and Robert Longo. As the trailer would have you believe, the film paints a vivid picture of the New York art scene while giving the audience a witty, illuminating look at celebrity, male anxiety, and art. Tom Donahue directed the Guest of Cindy Sherman.

The film is currently being shown on the Sundance Channel and you can catch three screenings at:
Thursday May 28 at 7PM
Friday May 29 at 2AM
Monday June 1 at 6PM

For more information (and a trailer), please visit the following links:
The Official Website
Sundance Film Channel : Guest of Cindy Sherman --Kaelah

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