Behind the Scenes with Beyoncé

Since she was 17, Beyoncé has shown us how talented, beautiful, and sexy she is. She is the woman who unapologetically tells men that she's too bootylicious for them and that if they liked it, well, then they should have put a ring on it. Hit after hit, jackpot upon jackpot, she seamlessly embodies confidence, creativity, and power. With sixteen Grammy awards and two Golden Globe nominations under her belt, it's no small wonder that Forbes and Time magazine included her on their lists of the 100 Most Powerful People in the world. 

And yet, the woman behind such a successful career does not always feel like she's on top of the world. In her directorial debut, I am... World Tour, documenting her concerts and life on tour, she shows us her most vulnerable moments as she boldly turns the camera on herself. We see clips of  Beyoncé, alone, without make-up, flattering lights, or glamorous clothes, sharing with us her most intimate thoughts. "Why did God give me this life," she asks as she wipes away tears at one point. 

It's not uncommon for female pop stars to reinvent themselves over the years, but instead of creating a new version of herself,  Beyoncé's strategy is to take all the masks off and reveal her truest self. "I wanted the fans to be able to see what I see," she told Cynthia McFadden in an interview for ABC's Nightline. Reviews have called it a look at her "fragility", but I think it takes an awful lot of strength and courage to show the world a side of you that is lonely, uncertain, and far from glamorous. 

Catch its TV premiere Thanksgiving night on ABC, or get the DVD itself on November 29th. In the meantime, watch her full interview for Nightline below. 

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