Barbie's Makin' Movies!

Barbie and I have a very complex relationship. The angry feminist side of me always wants to say, "Eff you, Barbie! I don't have to be pink and pretty and have big boobs and a tiny waist! I don't even look like that! Who does?!?!?" The positive feminist side (and, uh, childhood me) wants to tell the other side, " No, no, no...you don't understand...she's changing! For the better!" And then they debate, and no one ever wins.

Regardless of this, I still think this Barbie Video Girl is pretty damn sweet. File this under, Why The Hell Didn't They Have This When I Was A Kid? How cool would it be to look back at yourself as this little amateur filmmaker, preserving all of the crazy adventures you went on?

Here's a video comparing the Barbie cam to the Canon 7D. Not too shabby.

Gotta say though, this thing totally makes my brother's Talkboy look super ghetto.

PS. Go on and share your Barbie stories or commentary in the comments below. How do you feel about Barbie?

[image: Barbie.com]

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