Banksy's film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' Opens this Friday

Some see it as a menace, some see a revolution, and insiders see a big fat question mark. Street Art has made its mark on the wall of history; and as one of the genre's champions, Banksy wants to tell you how. Though normally evading cameras like the plague, the grapher of mystery did an about-face in his first film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. French ex-pat, Thierry Guetta had originally planned the film as a documentary of the Street Art Movement, but Banksy saw that the real story was Guetta himself - aka Mr. Brainwash. The film documents the rise of a man who even self admittedly cannot quite call himself an artist, despite selling millions of dollars worth of work at his mammoth gallery installations.  Executed with humor, depth, and a ton of what is and what is questionably art, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a definite must see!
Opens this Friday, April 16th at these select venues:

NEW YORK : Sunshine Theater
NEW YORK : Lincoln Plaza
LOS ANGELES : Arclight, Hollywood
LOS ANGELES : Landmark
SAN FRANCISCO : Embarcadero
BERKELEY : Shattuck
PALO ALTO : Aquarius

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