Baby, You're A Star

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I know a lot of us BUSTies are inked- but I doubt any of us can say we were able to doze thru the process.  Getting a tattoo is pleasurable for so many reasons, but it's not something I myself would call 'soothing'. 

Belgian teen Kimberley Vlaminck would seem to differ- at least, at first.  This celestial enthusiast got some international press last week after claiming that the 56 stars tattooed onto her face were the result of her falling asleep in the artist's chair.  Vlaminck insisted that she had only wanted 'three small stars'- but that Flemish tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz went cuckoo bananas on her visage while she snoozed.

Today, the contrite 18 year old owned up to the fact that she concocted the entire tale (only after being caught on tape 'fessing up while supposedly off air when whining at a Dutch TV crew).  It would seem that her claims were caused by her trying to calm her seriously pissed off parent- but the little white lie got seriously out of control.  Listen up, Kimberly- when Whoopi Goldberg gets on the case , there's NO escaping international justice. 

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