Baby Ouh!

You can count on Stereo Total. Uncertainty may whizz around us at megawarp speed these days, but the German/French quirk-pop duo never fails to crank out rad euro-electro jams.

Their latest and greatest Baby Ouh! is instantly irresistible, from the chanty John Waters homage Divines Handtasche to the robot-gone-haywire electro-pop of Alaska. And though the albums a tad more polished than 2007s Paris-Berlin, it definitely hasnt traded down the energy. Francoise Cactus and Brezel Goring are nothing if not a little hysterical, and tracks like Babyboom and Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wr pulse and titter with the poignant silliness weve adored since, like, 1995. And who else could turn a cover of Kraftwerks chilly techno Tour De France into a whistling melody worthy of some Disney-obsessed Girl Scouts? Like I said: you can count on Stereo Total.

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